• Subatomic is a deck‐building game where players use their starting deck of photons and quarks to create protons, neutrons, and electrons. Players then use those subatomic particles to buy more powerful cards for t […]

  • Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game transports players inside a human cell and puts them in control! In this biologically accurate worker placement game, players take turns directing the cellular action, like placing […]

  • Virulence is a blind bidding game where players take on the roles of viruses, competing to infect a host cell. Players use their bidding hands to win (replicate) viral components cards in order to either score […]

  • Covalence is a cooperative game! One player has knowledge of the secret molecules and must silently gives clue cards to all other players, who then attempt to accurately construct their secret molecules using […]

  • Ion is a card drafting game with no down time, where players select from a number of available ions and noble gases, with the goal of forming neutrally charged compounds or sets of noble gases. Players score […]

  • In Peptide, players make thoughtful selections from a number of openly available Organelle Cards creating an interactive open‐card drafting mechanic. Selected Organelle Cards award players with either resources o […]

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